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  • Jigs

    Jig Prices $6.50 per card with a dozen jigs of the same color on each card. – Available in 1/16 & 1/24 oz.

    Jigs 1/16 1/24
    Doug Bug
    JC's Jig
    JJ Sexy Bug
    JJ Mark Collins
    JJ01: Orange Glo/Green sparkle/Lt blue
    JJ02: Red/Pearl/Flo Pink
    JJ03: Black/White/White
    JJ04: Black/Blue/Black
    JJ05: Orange Glo/Green/Chart
    JJ06: Yellow/Black/Yellow
    JJ07: Grey/Grey/Grey (Grey Ghost)
    JJ08: White/Blue/White
    JJ09: Black/Green/Black
    JJ10: Black/Chart Glitter/Chart
    JJ11: Orange Glo/Flo Chart/Lt. Blue
    JJ12: Flo Green/Flo Chart/Lime
    JJ13: Orange Glo/Black/Chart
    JJ14: Red/Flo Chart/Yellow
    JJ15 Red/Grey/Hot Pink
    JJ16: Red/Green/Yellow
    JJ17: Orange Glow/Blue Glitter/Chart
    JJ18: Red/Dark Green/Yellow
    JJ19: Orange Glow/Blue Glitter/Rainbow
    JJ20: Black/Bubblegum/Chart
    JJ21: Red/Bubblegum/Rainbow
    JJ22: Chart/Black/Chart
    JJ23: Yellow/Orange/Chart
    JJ24: Chart/Pumpkin Seed/Chart
    JJ25: Chart/White/Chart
    JJ26: Flo Green/Black/Lime
    JJ27: White/White/White
    JJ28: Chart/Flow Pink/ Chart
    JJ29: White/Green/Rainbow
    JJ30: Orange Glow / Green/Rainbow
    JJ31: Red/Blue/White
    JJ32: Red/Pearl/White
    JJ33: Brown/Brown/Brown
    JJ34: Chart/Blue/Chart
    JJ35: Pink/Black/Lime
    JJ36: Black/White/Yellow
    JJ37: Dark Blue/Blue/Dark Blue
    JJ38: Black/Black/Black
    JJ39: Pink/Bubblegum/Pink
    JJ40: Chart/Purple/Chart
    JJ41: Red/White/Chart
    JJ42: Red/Black/Chart
    JJ43: Pink/White/White
    JJ44: Pink/Black/Pink
  • Curly Tails

    Curly Tails 10 Count= $1.85, 25 Count= $2.70

    Curly Tails 10ct 25ct
    CT1: Tomato Core
    CT2: Pumpkin Seed/Chart
    CT3: Black/Orange
    CT4: Red/Chart
    CT5: White/Chart
    CT6: BBG/Chart
    CT7: White
    CT8: Black/Chart
    CT9: Black/Yellow
    CT10 Brown/Orange
    CT11 Pink Shad
    CT12: Blue/White
    CT13: Chart/Flake
    CT14: Electric Blue/Firetail
    CT15: Chart/Orange
    CT16: June Bug/Chart
    CT17: John Deere Green
    CT18: Blue/Chart
    CT19: Blue Shad
    CT20: Lime/Chart
    CT21: Popsicle
    CT22: Acid Rain
    CT23: Bad Blood
    CT24: Ten-A-C-Shad
  • Super Grubs

    Super Grubs 10 Count=$2.10, 25 Count=$3.70

    Hot Grubs are the same as Super Grubs

    Super Grubs 10ct 25ct
    SG Copperhead Rattlesnake
    JJSG01 Acid Rain
    JJSG02 Blue/Silver/Chart
    JJSG03 Blue/Black
    JJSG04 White/Pearl/Chart
    JJSG05 Black/Blue/Chart Glitter
    JJSG06 White/Chart/Chart Glitter
    JJSG07 Popsicle/Chart
    JJSG08 Blue/Yellow/Chart Glitter
    JJSG09 Black/Chart
    JJSG10 Green/Yellow/Chart Glitter
    JJSG11 Orange Glitter/White/Fire Glitter
    JJSG12 Blue Silver
    JJSG13 Orange Wildcat
    JJSG14 BubbleGum/ Wildcat
    JJSG15 Popsicle Neon Chart
    JJSG16 Green Silver Glitter
    JJSG17 Electric Chicken
    JJSG18 Candy Corn
    JJSG19 Junebug/Chart
    JJSG20 Junebug/Neon Chart
    JJSG21 Red / Gold Glitter
    JJSG22 Junebug Gold Glitter
    JJSG23 Green Sparkle/Gold Glitter
    JJSG24 Purple/Black/Chart Glitter
    JJSG25 Orange Purple/Sparkle
    JJSG26 Wildcat
    JJSG#27 Pearl / Chart
    JJSG#28 Purple / Clear Glitter
    JJSG#29 Rust / Green Glitter
    JJSG#30 Bubble Gum / Chart
    JJSG#31 Lavender / Chart
    JJSG#32 Blue / Black / Orange Glitter
  • Hot Grubs

    Hot Grubs 10ct 25ct
    Black Chart
    Arkansas Shad
    Orange Crush
    Bleeding Ten-A-C Shad
    Yellow Jacket
    Wild Cat
    Wally World
    Green Hornet
    Fire Tiger
    Bumble Bee
    Acid Rain June Bug
  • Barbed Hooks

    10 Count = $2.60, 20 Count = $4.70 – Available in 1/16 & 1/24 oz.

    Barbed Hooks 1/16 - 10ct 1/16 - 20ct 1/24 - 10ct 1/24 - 20ct
    Barb Hook Orange Glow
    Barb Hook White
    Barb Hook Red
    Barb Hook Pink
    Barb Hook Green
    Barb Hook Chart
    Barb Hook Black
  • Barbed Red Hooks

    10 Count = $2.60, 20 Count = $4.70 – Available in 1/16 & 1/24 oz.

    Barbed Red Hooks 1/16 - 10ct 1/16 - 20ct 1/24 - 10ct 1/24 - 20ct
    Barb Red Hook White
    Barb Red Hook Red
    Barb Red Hook Pink
    Barb Red Hook Chart
    Barb Red Hook Black
  • Minnow Head Hooks

    10 Count = $2.60, 20 Count = $4.70 – Available in 1/16 & 1/24 oz.

    Minnow Head Hooks 1/16 - 10ct 1/16 - 20ct 1/24 - 10ct 1/24 - 20ct
    Minnow Head Hook Orange Glow
    Minnow Head Hook White
    Minnow Head Hook Red
    Minnow Head Hook Pink
    Minnow Head Hook Green
    Minnow Head Hook Chart
    Minnow Head Hook Black

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